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Truck Driver Training Courses


Mandatory training for Class 1 is now required in Saskatchewan.  
The course requires a minimum of 121.5 hours of training. 47 hours of classroom time, over one week, and 74.5 hours of driving practice, over four weeks. This comes to a total of 5 weeks to get your license.

Class 3 - 5, 7, or 10 day courses

The 5 day course gives you 16 hours of training behind the wheel. 4 hours per day of training with the test on the 5th day.  

A 7 day course will consist of 24hrs of hands on training at 4hrs per day with up to 4hrs per day of observation time with testing on day 7. A 10 day course is 36 hours of training with the same format as the 5 and 7 day courses.  Testing will be on the 10th day of training. Each course includes up to two tests. Training will include:


               -air test



               -brake adjustment

               -log book

               -basic handling of the truck


We will book your test for you and the truck you train in will be the truck you test in.




5G Endorsement

Are you wondering what a 5G endorsement is? If you are pulling any trailer that weighs more than 10,000 lbs/46,000 kgs, with a vehicle other than a semi tractor, you are required to have a "G" endorsement on your license. Total Truck Training offers a minimum (3 day) 9 hour course. Call us for pricing!

Truck and dump trailer for 5G (2).jpeg
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